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GlobalShop isn’t just an exhibit hall. It’s an experience. As the retail industry’s ‘must-attend’ show, GlobalShop is your opportunity to maximize your exposure and generate interest.

What will you miss by passing up sponsorship opportunities? Ask your competition. According to Experient Lead Retrieval data collected at GlobalShop, exhibitors that have invested in sponsorship opportunities receive an average of 45% more leads!

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*Partial list of opportunities below

Aisle Number Tile


Stand out from the crowd and provide a great show floor navigation aid. Guide attendees towards your booth as they enter the show floor and approach your aisle. *Exclusive per aisle includes production and installation

Aisle Signs

$5,000 per pavilion

Have you ever noticed that attendees are constantly looking to aisle signs to orient themselves on the show floor? These large banners are hung from the ceiling and make quite an impression and help potential customers easily locate your booth. *Exclusive per pavilion. Rights fee only.

Entrance Flooring


Great opportunity for flooring manufacturers! Imagine that every time an attendee enters the show floor at GlobalShop, they gaze down at a welcome message – across your flooring product – inspiring them to envision how it could appear in their own retail space. *Exclusive per entrance. Rights fee only.

Floor Graphics

$4,000 per set of 10

Like a trail of breadcrumbs, floor graphics entice attendees to visit your booth. These eye-catching graphics beckon your audience along as they travel the show floor. *Includes production and installation.

Hanging Banners

Price Varies

Hanging banners are a great way to differentiate your company from the competition and to get noticed by attendees. Various sized and locations throughout (and around) the expo hall. Contact your account representative for more information.

Meter Panels


These self-standing vertical banners are placed in high-traffic areas throughout the show. These meter panels are a great way for companies to supplement a larger sponsorship presence or for those working with a more conservative budget, looking to extend presence beyond their booth. *Includes production and installation.

Restroom Signage


Next to the show floor, restrooms are the highest traffic areas at a trade show. Brand the restroom walls and mirrors with static clings with this creative, new sponsorship opportunity. *Includes production and installation. 

Show Floor Street Sign

$2,000 per sign / $4,500 for 3

The GlobalShop show floor is a big place, but you can help attendees find their way as the official way finder sponsor. These directional signs are strategically located throughout the expo hall and assist visitors in finding the booth or pavilion they are seeking, leading to terrific exposure for the sponsoring company. *Includes production and installation.

Badge Sponsor


We don’t enforce a strict dress code at GlobalShop, but there is one thing that everybody at the show is required to wear: a badge! Sponsoring the badge stock provides the opportunity for your company to be seen by every attendee, including your competition! *Includes production.

Registration Area Sponsor


Every attendee must pick up their badge, making this the only sponsorship that guarantees exposure to every attendee at GlobalShop. It’s the perfect place to catch the attention of attendees as the excitement of a new show lingers just beyond the counter.Bonus: In addition to counter panel branding, sponsorship also includes branding on scan and go screens and a banner ad on confirmation letters. *Includes production and installation.

Show Bags


It’s a proven fact that trade show attendees love swag, and they also love a nice big bag to help carry those goodies around the show floor. The official show bag sponsor gains unmatched attention at the expo and beyond with a huge branding opportunity that nearly every attendee will carry with them wherever they go.



What if you could drape your company’s logo around the neck of every person at GlobalShop? That’s exactly what the lanyard sponsorship enables you to do! This eye-catching opportunity keeps your company name constantly in sight throughout the show.*Rights fee.

Conference Sponsor


The GlobalShop Conference program is hugely popular and keeps growing year after year. Attendees come from across the globe, looking to gain insight into upcoming retail trends and evolving consumer behavior. The Conference Sponsor receives unmatched exposure to the most engaged and open-minded attendees at GlobalShop.

Conference Pens


Get your brand in the hands of approximately 1,500 conference attendees by supplying your company pens and/or notebooks for the GlobalShop Conference.Conference attendees will use your company pens and/or notebooks during sessions, as well as back at theoffice post-conference. *Rights fee.


Conference Notebooks


Get your brand in the hands of approximately 1,500 conference attendees by supplying your company pens and/or notebooks for the GlobalShop Conference.Conference attendees will use your company pens and/or notebooks during sessions, as well as back at theoffice post-conference. *Rights fee.


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Donna McKerrow, Account Executive
Phone: 770-291-5506

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Kerry Tyler, Sr. Account Executive
Phone: 770-291-5432

For advertising opportunities on the GlobalShop website as well as email and direct mail list rental, please contact:

Allie Banks, Digital Sales Account Manager
Phone: 770-291-5497

Note: Advertising and list rental opportunities are exclusive to contracted GlobalShop exhibitors.