Experience Journey

For the 2nd year in a row, the GlobalShop show floor once again featured an impressive line-up of MUST-STOP destinations to EXPERIENCE.


Thank you to the GlobalShop 2018 Experience Journey Participants

Aamsco Lighting, Inc.

Smart Mirror & Mannequin

Come experience the new MyVue Smart Mirror for fitting rooms. This interactive mirror, using RFID technology, is guaranteed to increase sales and enhance the shopper experience. Or visit with the new Headworks Hologram Mannequin, a customized, life-like mannequin that will interact with your customers and create that WOW experience.

Ace Designs


Instagrammable moments and photo ops at every turn! A Battle of the Seasons—are you Team Sun or Team Snow? Don’t miss the indoor snowball fight, Visual Mad Libs and inspiration for all! #followtheconfetti #whatcanwebuildforyou


Premium Scenting VR Sensory Marketing Experience

See how taking a multisensory approach to marketing your retail space can play a powerful role. Using smells combined with virtual reality (VR), discover how customers can be tied to a brand by using emotional triggers. You’ll be immersed in the sights and scents of the Alpine slopes, see and smell the salty ocean air, take a trip to Time Square and travel the world.


StoryTeller Booth

Bluewater’s StoryTeller Booth is a pop-up book-like scene that is brought to life with technology, featuring a magic door that looks out to different scenes each time the door is opened. An augmented reality (AR) tablet guide that allows users to “bring back the queen” when digitally purchasing items within the booth. Conductive ink interactions—by simply touching certain areas within the booth, you will trigger fun noises, lights and sometimes a thunderstorm.


Social Hub

Need a break? Visit the IIDA Social Hub to relax, recharge, celebrate. Complimentary charging stations available. Celebrate product design excellence and educational programs.

Jessup Manufacturing

Easy to Install High Impact Graphics

The best dressed soccer players will be wearing TexWalk at GlobalShop 2018! Inspired by the World Cup happening  this summer, GlobalShop attendees are invited to stop by the Jessup Mfg. booth and apply the shirt of their favorite World Cup team to a printed image of a soccer player.

Kendu In-Store Visual

Retro Arcade Games with Flowbox

Take a trip down memory lane with a visit to the arcade games of the 1980s. The latest version of Flowbox launches at GlobalShop and you’ll be able to interact and play retro games, such as Tetris, Arkanoid and Tic Tac Toe at the Kendu Lighting Lab. The international award-winning dynamic display combines a printed SEG with background animations controlled remotely by an app and a joystick. Come along with a friend to see who can beat the clock! Winners will be treated to a special surprise.


Interactive Action Figure Shopping Experience

Don’t miss your opportunity to interact with Marvel Action Heros! In this multi-stage shopper interaction, the 6-ft. figures respond to you! This multisensory experience shows that high impact can be achieved at low cost by combining different elements, such as proximity sensing, light, motion and video in a clever way.

Parcel Pending

Locker Lottery

Win a mystery prize if you guess the right combination to open one of the lucky locker doors. While you’re testing your luck, explore a disruptive retail technology that increases revenue, enhances staff efficiency and improves the customer experience in your stores. See how digital signage and a package management solution can be made customizable to your branding and revenue goals.

The Trade Group

Chocolate Pop Up!

Love chocolate? Visit The Trade Group booth to experience a fully branded pop-up kiosk and sample the best of Fannie May Chocolates!

ZenGenius, Inc.

The Ultimate Visual Merchandising Obstacle Course

It’s back! The Ultimate Visual Merchandising (UVM) Obstacle Course is an interactive visual merchandising experience, designed to teach and test basic visual merchandising standards, visual skills and create an opportunity for attendees to work hands-on with new industry-related products.